RV Travel and Bad Weather

Every state has their own version of bad weather and every state has their own freak out times. You might be used to tornadoes while, for me, tornadoes scare the absolute crap out of me. I’ll research til my phone dies on how to survive a tornado. But, you tell me there’s a blizzard coming […]


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Roll with it.

Have you heard that part in the song by Rhianna & Eminem “isn’t as crazy as it seems, maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano”… That’s kinda how the past couple of months have felt. Like a tornado and volcano are meeting a hurricane for a party. RV living throws lots of […]

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Make Chores Fun!

When we had our house, we had a point system for chores. There was so much house and so much stuff to clean. All. The. Time. It was never ending. I hated it. My house made us lots of memories, but it also brought so much stress because there were so many rooms that were […]

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