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We have been living full-time in our RV since Apr. 2020. We also homeschool our children and operate our food truck in Florida. We currently work in Florida for winter and then use the rest of the time to travel and work remotely.

We have a unique perspective on RV life as Jon is a chef and we own a food truck. Our combined 25+ years of restaurant experience gives us the ability to test and support your brands through the eyes of a chef.

We have built and managed our food truck companies from the bottom up which originally started in Virginia then relocated to Florida. We solely handle the social media, pictures are our originals personally captured, originally written captions, etc. We enjoy the bright, vibrant photos and also enjoy bright, vibrant wording too! Who wants to be bored to tears?

We want to partner with brands that speak to our desire for:
✅fair trade
✅ethically raised and grown
✅small businesses

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