About Us

Hi! Learn about the Gonzalez Family!

Jonathan is from Nicaragua, raised in Miami until he was a teenager, then his family moved to the mountains of Virginia. He is a formally trained chef and full of culinary ideas. When he isn’t creatively cooking, you can find him on a kayak fishing or bank fishing with the kids.

Solana is from Virginia, raised in Pennsylvania, and moved back to Virginia after high school. She has a background in business and marketing in corporate restaurant. She’s been homeschooling for nearly 10 years and also enjoys writing.

Jon and Solana met in 2007, started dating in 2010, and married in 2014. They came into their relationship with 4 children and then added 4 more children together.

Jon and Solana currently have a food truck in Florida (Calle Cruz Miami) that they operate during the winter. During the off-season, they are traveling the eastern side of America.

Judah is 9, he’s an avid reader and has a photographic memory that amazes everyone regularly.

Noah is 6, was a 28-weeker preemie, fought hard for life, and has the coolest, chill soul you’ll ever meet.

Eliana is 4, was a 30-weeker preemie and is named the “grand finale” of the family. She also fought for her life, but continues with that same demeanor.

Seven is a 1 year old Texas Heeler. The name represents the age of Joziah (who was lost in childbirth in July 5, 2013). Seven became a Gonzalez July 3, 2020.

The older children reside in Virginia: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jay and Haili.

Joziah Cruz Gonzalez is buried in Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA.

The kids love full time travel and say they never want a house again.

Continue to follow the journey of the Gonzalez family as we work and explore America!