I’m sitting inside cuddled under my blankets with my heating pad, freezing, while this cold front with rain and winds blow through while I write.

I’ve had the word “season” in my head for a while.

-We’re going into the fall season in Michigan
-We’re going through a trying season of life testing my strength with multiple sclerosis (I’ll explain more later)
-I’m now the chef of the family while Jon works at the sugar beet harvest in Michigan, so I gotta keep the seasoning just right to impress my hard working husband
-We’re in a new season of homeschool this year trying out “unschooling” and “roadschooling”

Tired of reading the word season yet?
Ok, cool, me too.

Our site for the sugar beet harvest, Caro, Michigan, Sept. 9, 2021

While in an RV and traveling, the seasons (physically and figuratively) change, but what I notice is that none of them seem as stressful as it did in our house.

In our house, simple life stressors seemed so big! The best way I can describe it is small problems have a way of traveling all over a big old house and then snowballs bigger and bigger. Then when the big seasons of life came barreling through, look out! We were all a mess of emotions and fight.

In our RV, different seasons don’t seem to hold their power over us like they did in our house.

Why is that? Mad about something? Fighting about something?
The aura can quickly be changed within a small space with negativity, so being able to focus on and work out whatever is bothering us keeps things open and always learning.

I actually appreciate that now and can appreciate and take on those different seasons of life. I didn’t when we first started in our RV. Let me tell you the times I was more angry that I didn’t have a downstairs to stomp down to or have a door to slam!! BUT!
It has forced communication. It has forced us to be open and honest. Get through the feelings, work through them, learn and move forward. I appreciate that now.

Let me just say: it ain’t easy going in all cold turkey with communication.

But we’ve figured it out.
We have simple rules.

*Be kind. That’s all. Be kind.*

If you’re thinking about moving into an RV, or already do, or want to simplify life…

Remember this:
Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
What you’re going through now is going to pass you by.
Seasons come and go.
Let go. Forgive easily. Love easily. And always be kind.

Fall on Green Mountain, Lenoir, North Carolina Oct. 27, 2020

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