RV Vision Board

I’ve never been a huge fan of vision boards. My mind goes to the cutesy pictures of a bunch of young women, sipping wine, and laughing as they flip through magazines, cut out images, and paste to their glittery poster board. At the end, you have a board full of unicorns in the middle of a jungle pooping glitter and skittles. Totally not for me.

I recently took a class hosted by the incredibly talented Lauren Barnes titled “Author Your Narrative”. Part of the class was to create a vision board. What I just described above is, again, where my mind went. Why am I so against this? But, I was loving the class, invested in making big changes, so I decided I’d research vision boards. A quick Pinterest search brought up thousands of templates full of words and phrases, far from the glittery unicorns.

For the next few hours, I printed and colored and printed some more. Because of the lack of space in an RV, I stuck to 2 pieces of construction paper.

What I realized as I dug deep was that, although the RV life had been freeing, I had literally no idea what I wanted to do with my new free life. I am no longer attached to one piece of property. We’re free to roam and while I love the liberating feeling, it can also feel overwhelming. Like, what am I going to do with myself now?

I love to write. I am outdoors all the time. I am a trauma survivor. Let’s write.

I started this blog before that “Author Your Narrative” class. I paid to upgrade the website. Then I decided “no one wants to read my nonsense” and I quit. And while that nonsense still creeps into my head, I’m fighting it away to write.

On my vision board, the words trust, create, courage, purpose, wander, dream, enjoy, adventure, blessed, purpose, strong, and wake up happy greet me every single morning. It’s a reminder that even though we are wanderers, we still have purpose.

Are you an RVer with a little sense of being lost with the new freedom?
Are you a weekend warrior wishing to be full-time on the road?
Are you dreaming of buying your own camper?

I’m here to say, make that vision board.
Write out your dreams.
Wake up to them every single morning.
Manifest that.
And, hey, if you wanna add unicorns pooping glitter… do it!

RVing is about living a life of freedom, doing what feels right for you, and having zero guilt about it.

Go draw up that vision board, unicorns and all.

Happy Manifesting,
The Uprooted Cruzers

My Vision Board of words
My Vision Board of Goals, both daily and yearly


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